Gender Inequality

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In this project, I am trying to convey that there is a major difference in the way male and female athletes are conveyed. I wanted to convey a powerful message about gender inequality specifically in sports. All of the words present in both the male and female silhouette represent the words that people use to describe male and female athletes. Being an athlete, this message is very important to me. Female athletes are constantly being described as less than and I wanted to find a way to convey that. The word choice, which is stereotypically used, are very distinctive. The artist book that I chose to display for the exhibition had a similar theme of gender inequality, and the actual design for my page was inspired by a project I did in high school. The topic for that piece was artist as activist, where we chose an issue we were passionate about to focus in on.

I used the press three times to print my final project. I began by setting up the typeface, which consisted of hours of getting the right letters, organizing them to make sure they would fit in the silhouette shape, and making sure all the spacing was exactly how I wanted. I then printed the background, and used cut vinyl to create the background. After, I set up the text and inked the male silhouette in blue and the female silhouette in pink.

I purposely choose to do a dark background, because silhouettes are usually a dark color due to the nature of how they are taken. The text in the male silhouette is blue and the text in the female silhouette is pink, which are colors that are stereotypically associated with gender. The unambiguous colors sit on the opposite sides of the spectrum, and contrast well with the dark background.

-Athena Manthouli, Scripps '22