During the Spring 2019 semester, the following sixteen students of Art 137: Social Justice/Social Practice in Book Arts seminar course at Scripps College studied how artists utilize the book form to explore social justice issues under the direction of Professor Tia Blassingame: Natalie Bauer, Jamie Berkson, Avalon Feiler, Elizabeth Godbey, Logan Kramer, Athena Manthouli, Holly Miller, Allegra Moghtader-Mojdehi, Madeleine Neff, Charlotte Ostrow, Hayley Pierpont, Samantha Shaffer, Eloise Shields, Isabel St. Streiffer, Priya Thomas, and Hannah Travis.

Please also take the time to visit Book Arts and Social Justice and Of Color: Race & Identity in Artists' Books, two digital archives created by students in Art 137 during previous semesters.

Special thanks to Denison Library Director Jennifer Martinez-Wormser and Dorran Boyle for their support of the Social Justice & Social Practice in Book Arts course and sharing many artists' books and prints portfolios, to Claremont Colleges' Director of Special Collections Carrie Marsh, Ashley Larson and Lisa Crane for their support in planning this exhibition and sharing artist’s books with the class, and to Leigh Anne Lieberman, Ramya Mukund, and Indu Shrestha from the Digital Humanities Initiative at the Claremont Colleges for supporting the design and creation of this digital archive.